Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami is a clever and reclusive guy who looks to be very passionate regarding his career at first glance. He can tell the difference between infatuation and dedication. And he thinks he’s just a Jujutsu Magician because it would be just less stupid than other professions. Nanami, as one of Yuji’s instructors, is the polar opposite of Know how to effectively. Who is significantly more outgoing and carefree.

What does “Nanami Kento” mean?

Nanami Kento is Lolo’s spouse and the best boyfriend ever. His wife killed Mahito in her dream, but kindly ask,


He  KENTO ” says, “Communicate messages IS Bothersome.”

NANAMI KENTO: Becoming An CHILD Is Not Really a Wrong

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Nanami previously joined the sorcery academy. Where he joined forces with Yu Haibara in his very first year to assist Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo. And they’re on Okinawan. He partners up with Yu on a task a year afterward. But the operation proves to be more challenging than they anticipated.

 Nanami is in the morgue after the campaign ends. as Geto checks Yu’s deceased and describes why the job was more complicated. Nanami wanted to stop becoming a sorceress following finishing college since he considered it to be a hassle. He, therefore, started a position as a salaryman but quickly realized that such a job is really about the money. After dealing with a malevolent spirit who was wreaking mayhem,

Nanami is presented to Takahashi Itadori by Learn how to properly, who is now unable to instruct him. He and the companions talk about the kind of magician he is and why he opposes Yuji. Nanami tells Yuji to inform the relatively high that he is anxious to become prominent and that he will receive their acceptance. [2]

Powers and Stats

Tier: At minimum 7-C, maybe much higher, especially with Extra and Black Lightning.

Kento Nanami is a Japanese actor who has been in a number of films.

Jujutsu Kaisen (Jujutsu Kaisen) is a Japanese martial art.

Kento Nanami has male sexuality.

Kento Nanami is a Japanese actor who has been in a number of films. 27 years old.

Human, Sorcerer categorization

Capabilities and Authority:

 Non-Physical Connection (Can connect with Profanities, which are metaphorical expressions generated out of people’s perspectives, minds, and feeling negative), Extraordinary Physiological Capabilities Firearm Proficiency, Experienced Power Combatant, Expanded Sensory (Sorcerers can see Cursed Spirits that are invisible to the human eye), Spell exploitation, force deception, and statistically augmentation are all examples of deception (Sorcerers can amplify their physical power by flowing Cursed Energy through their bodies via negative emotions), Opposition to Spirit Deception (Knowledgeable mystics have a normal rhythm of Forsaken Power generation that defends their life force from Mahito’s mystical and physiological incidents), Longevity Contrapositive, Constrained Structural Subterfuge (Black Bright light is a methodology where Yuji attacks able to apply curse energy in 0.000001 seconds causing a distortion in space), Reliability Deactivation

Properties of Attack: 

At the very minimum, township level, and very likely much larger (Resisted Mahito). Much powerful than Mek Accursed Offspring), and much higher with Lifetime. He could shatter Mahito’s skin with a single strike, and Mahito is awestruck by his might. With a single hit, he triggered an explosion. Shigemo easily beaten, and he would have murdered him. If it hadn’t been for his Extraordinary Fortune). And the stakes were already greater with Black Lightning (Comparable to attack)

Ratio Technique:

Nanami’s Innate Technique can divide his target into ten lines and force a weak place at the eight ratio level. The target’s lines do not have to mirror the lengths or height of the objective. Nanami can divide whatever part of the body she wants, including patients’ heads, torsos, limbs, and legs. This technique can be used on non-living entities as well.


 An Extended Cursed Techniques that produce a large weak spot in the landscape that Nanami can eliminate with a precision attack.

Black Flash:

When a client authenticates with an explosion of Cursed Electricity during 0.000001 milliseconds of a physiological hit, it causes dimensional deformation. Forbidden Electricity flashes black as a result of the event, resulting in 2.5 times the regular attack effectiveness.


Unbreakable Vow between Nanami and herself. Because Nanami is serving for Karatekas Academy, they restrict him in the quantity of Cursed Force he can use. Nanami’s Cursed Force grows to a considerable extent whenever he works over his customary duty and additional hours commence, giving him a physical strength increase.

Showing One’s Cards:

Showing One’s Hands is a Linking Commitment that boosts the person’s afflicted energies in consideration for publicly revealing how their Accursed Method performs.


Although it claimed more than once that the Black Lightning amplifies the assault by 2.5, this contradicts the verse, because several attacks should exceed Stars And planets Level. Numerous fighters can often withstand a Black Lightning, despite the fact that the attack is 2.5 times more powerful in theoretically.

Nanami’s Final Thoughts

As tragic as it may be, Nanami’s death depicted in a manner that is very similar to the time previously he protected by Itadori. Nanami, Mahito, & Itadori are the only ones represented here as well, but the circumstance is differently. Despite the fact that Mahito did not employ Zone Expanding, Nanami has already exhausted but is unable to battle.
“You’ve Recently received That Now,” Nanami’s parting statement, brings a touching conclusion to one of Sho grappling Kaisen’s biggest stars. Mahito, as vicious as he can be, executes Nanami across from Itadori in a fashion that is far more severe even planned.
When Nanami was slain in Jujutsu Kaisen, this whole nation lamented his passing. Whilst also proclaiming, “The Personality Has Begun to fall.” They believed Nanami to be one of the greatest “Tough guy” characters. And but now that he’s gone, there isn’t much left.

Situation Right Now

Nearly every single circumstance currently works against the Warlocks. With Gojo sealed, Nanami dead, Nobara, and plenty of other characters’ statuses undetermined, Itadori has no choice but to battle Mahito.
Isadora has gone already against Mahito in the most recent Episode. And Mahito has taken on an exceptionally strong form (Probably last Form). Even when Itadori unleashes his maximum force, he is unable to do major damage to Mahito. This is the final battle of the Kerberos Arc, and it will leave only one of the soldiers standing in the end.
“Who will triumph?” is the argument now. But, regarding the abundance of lives lost in this tragedy. Will Itadori’s success be considered an achievement even if he overcomes Mahito and shoots him?


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